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In the net of dots you are caught

You are used to fun and success

How many names have you got

You will never confess I guess

Lots of games and some apps behind

But sometimes you just feel like this

A new name in the list is signed

And again you enjoy this bliss


Are you a clone

Or are you a clown

Don’t forget your names

You’d better write them down

Forever they are saved

In the records of the game

Different faces and names

But the player’s the same


You invent new heroes now and then

You climb the rating list all over again

No doubt aiming at the very top

Let me ask you man

Will you ever stop

Our list consists of fewer people than names

Anyway they play fascinating games

Some have real fun unmasking the clones

They add to the game mysterious tones

But never too much time to give yourself away

You can’t hide your style behind the role you play

All know perfectly well when clones’ games begin

No matter how they try they can’t always win


Впервые опубликовано 6 сентября 2016 года