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Dots Under My Skin

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The single crossing -

4 dots: blue and red,

And you hope when starting

That you’ll manage that.

Your opponent is trying

To do his best,

And the chains are advancing

Somewhere to the west.

Some dot-soldiers are dying

For the greater aim,

You’re commanding your army

To win the game.

You are thinking and planning,

And the struggle’s going on,

And your rival keeps fighting.

Panic? No! Oh, come on.

I’m playing, I’m capturing,

I’m advancing my chain.

You may say what you want -

I will do it again.

I rely on my logic,

My mind won’t let me down.

Dots is under my skin,

And I do what I can

The global attacks

Are your strongest gift.

People watch you play,

Their spirits start to lift.

Your rival is trying

To defend every chain,

But the more he’s fighting

The more you gain.

Even the air gets thicker

As the tension grows.

Your opponent’s missed chances,

But the struggle on flows.

Just one move is left

And you’ll win the game;

Your rival surrenders,

And you start again.


Впервые опубликовано 21 января 2018 года